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Pews News  Pews News 21st April 2024

Bowland Benefice  Pews News  

4th Sunday of Easter – Collect

Risen Christ,

faithful shepherd of your Father’s sheep:

teach us to hear your voice

and to follow your command,

that all your people may be gathered

 into one flock,

to the glory of God the Father. Amen.

This Week in the Benefice

Sunday21 April 

Benefice Holy Communion with Baptism  of Teddy Norcott in Peopleton
Saturday27 April2.30pmCream Teas at 6 Flax Piece, Upton Snodsbury(see below)
Sunday 28 April5th Sunday of Easter9.30amHoly Communion in White Ladies Aston
10.30amHymns and a Prayer in Upton Snodsbury
11.00amHoly Communion in Peopleton

A welcome to St Nicholas this Sunday to Teddy Norcott, his parents Charlie and Matthew, his godparents and family, for his baptism taking place

 as a very special part of the Benefice’s Service of

Holy Communion. May they all have a happy day and we wish all blessings for Teddy for the years ahead.

A prayer for Teddy
We thank you God for the gift of the life of Teddy who is to be baptized.
May your blessing of peace and joy be with him and protect him all of his days.
We ask this prayer in the name of your Son, Jesus.


Next Saturday, 27 April at 6 Flax Piece, Upton Snodsbury there will be a Cream Tea afternoon (served until 4.30pm) together with a raffle, a tombola and craft stall at 6 Flax Piece, Upton Snodsbury by kind permission of John and Sue. 

The cream tea will cost £3.50 with prosecco 

and strawberries for a little bit extra!

The proceeds of the afternoon will go to support 

the ongoing maintenance and necessary repairs in 

St Kenelm’s church. 

Tuesday will be St George’s Day

and here is a Prayer for St George

used by John Sentamu, the retired Archbishop of York

  • so very fitting for our times I think. 
  • Heavenly Father, give us the bravery of St George
     to stand up for the truth and the glory of God
     that we have seen in the face of Jesus Christ.
     Give us the strength to overcome
     in our lives and in the world,
     all that is contrary to your rule of justice and love.
     Help us to be good news to the poor,
     proclaim release to the captives
     and recovery of sight to the blind;
     let the oppressed go free, and
     proclaim the good news of God’s favour and Jubilee.  Amen.
    Bur who was St George?

Countless stories are told about St. George, including the famous episode of the dragon and the girl saved by the saint. There was a large pond where a terrible dragon lived. To appease it, the inhabitants offered him a sheep and a child daily, drawn by lot. One day the king’s daughter was chosen, and while she was heading toward the pond, George passed by and pierced the dragon with his spear; a gesture that became a symbol of faith triumphing over evil.

George was born to a Christian family in Cappadocia around the year 280. After moving to Palestine, he joined the army of Diocletian. When the emperor issued the edict of persecution against Christians in 303, George gave all his belongings to the poor and,

 in front of Diocletian, tore up the document and professed his faith in Christ. For this he suffered terrible torture and was eventually beheaded.

Shortly after his death, a basilica was erected over the place of his burial in Lydda (modern-day Lod, in Israel). His relics are still visible today.

The crusaders contributed a great deal to transforming the figure of St. George the martyr into a holy warrior, and he is now considered the patron of knights, soldiers, scouts, fencers and archers, among others; he is also invoked against the plague and leprosy, and against venomous snakes.

 George was ‘demoted’ by the church in 1969 to an ‘optional memorial’ but the story and legends of St George continue to remind the world of the fundamental idea, that good ultimately triumphs over evil. The fight against evil is a constant in human history. It is a battle we cannot win on our own but only with the strength and commitment of those travelling the road of life with us. 

I don’t always know where I am going in life but I will travel well, knowing my hand is held in Yours.

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